Fresh, Seasonal, Traditional

"We don't serve cream cheese"

About Us


Our Name

Welcome to Ichikawa Sushi Bar, Port Townsend's only traditional Japanese restaurant.  Ichikawa has been a staple in Port Townsend since  the early 2000’s, serving the best Japanese cuisine and fresh seafood in  town, (some say, the best in Washington state). Our name derives from Ichikawa Japan, a city of  over 4000 residents located near the top of Tokyo Bay, 20 miles from  Tokyocity.  Ichikawa-Shi translates to “Marketplace River” and is  situated on the alluvial plain of the Edogawa River. The city of  Ichikawa-Shi was founded in 1943 and became the sister city to Port Townsend in 2002.


Our Logo

Our logo of a Kingfisher was chosen for two reasons. The first being  that the Kingfisher, (Kawasemi in Japanese), is a river bird, making its  home where there are numerous fish available. The second reason is that  we have a nesting pair that live behind our restaurant. It only seemed  natural to incorporate the Kingfisher into our logo.


Our Intention

We aim to provide fresh, delicious food for those in search of quality Japanese cuisine.  Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible to ensure that what tastes good will make you feel good knowing that you're supporting local farmers and businesses.

Chef Peter

Hailing from Japan, Chef Peter Swan has been the sushi chef at Ichikawa for 18 years. After coming to America he was enticed to Port Townsend from Seattle and has been the heart and soul of the restaurant ever since. Peter is a master of his craft and has upheld the traditional methods of his country's cuisine with surety and passion. He is known for his focus and intensity, but if you're lucky (and know a spot of Japanese) you'll find yourself in his good books. Just ask our regulars!